Biliary and Pancreatic Stents

Hobbs Medical manufactures and supplies plastic medical stents for pancreo/biliary endotherapy. Our MR-safe stents are packaged sterile for single use and also come in a kit.

Manufactured to be MR Safe

Hobbs Medical's pancreatic, biliary and Amsterdam stent product lines do not have ferromagnetic properties, as verified by their manufacturers, and as such do not represent a safety and compatibility hazard to the MR processes of displacement force, torque and heating.

Pancreatic Stents

Both Freeman Pancreatic Flexi-Stents and Freeman-Aliperti Straight Pancreatic Stents. These stents offer small diameters to meet procedural requirements and are available for single-use or as part of a kit along with a push catheter.

Biliary Stents

Pigtail biliary stents for occlusions of the common bile duct. Our stents are available individually packaged. Guide wire and push catheter are sold separately.