Injection Needles

Precision engineered Posi-Stop Injection Needles feature a uniquely designed extension and retraction system. The Posi-Stop system, offered in a range of lengths and channel sizes, ensures accurate and quick release at the injection site.


  • Accurate, dependable full needle extension (4mm or 5mm).
  • Single hand operation.
  • Enteroscope compatible lengths.
  • Sheath diameters compatible with either 2.0mm, or 2.8mm and larger scope channels.
  • Protective radiopaque tip eliminates risk of scope damage and ensures optimal visualization during fluoroscopy.
  • Color-coded handles provide quick and easy visual identification.
  • Can be used with Hobbs Medical’s Vacu-Lok Syringe.
  • Unique “Posi-Stop” feature ensures accurate extension and safe retraction.
  • Packaged sterile for single use.

Documents for Reference: 

Posi-Stop Injection Needles
Catalog Number Needle Gauge Needle Length Sheath Diameter Working Length Qty
4702 23ga 5mm 1.8mm 200cm
4704 25ga 5mm 1.8mm 200cm
4706 23ga 5mm 2.3mm 200cm
4708 25ga 5mm 2.3mm 200cm
4712 23ga 4mm 1.8mm 200cm
4714 25ga 4mm 1.8mm 200cm
4716 23ga 4mm 2.3mm 200cm
4718 25ga 4mm 2.3mm 200cm
4720 23ga 5mm 2.3mm 260cm
4721 23ga 4mm 2.3mm 260cm
4722 25ga 5mm 2.3mm 260cm
4723 25ga 4mm 2.3mm 260cm