Medical and Wire Balloon Dilators

Balloon dilators for a variety of applications. Our through-the-scope and over-the wire devices dilate the lower esophageal sphincter, reach strictures in the distal colon and biliary duct. Our balloons come in a wide variety of inflated diameters and balloon lengths.

Multi-Purpose Over the Wire (OTW) Balloon Dilators

All OTW balloons have two entry ports, one port for the guidewire and another port for inflation. Both ports are clearly identified with shrink bands on the proximal end of the catheter. The shrink band on the inflate port also specifies the inflated balloon’s diameter.

Achalasia Balloon Dilators

The specially treated material used in our Achalasia Balloon Dilators ensures durability while preventing excessive shear force.

Biliary Balloon Dilators

The design of our Biliary Balloon Dilators means an equal radial force is exerted over the entire length of the balloon.

Multi-Purpose Stylet Wire Balloon Dilators

These balloon dilators employ a stiffening wire (stylet) which runs the entire length of the dilator. This eliminates the need for a guidewire because the dilator, while remaining flexible, is rigid enough to pass easily through the scope channel and into the stricture.