Achalasia Balloon Dilators

These balloons are intended for dilation of the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) and relief from symptoms in patients who suffer with achalasia. They are designed for durability with specially treated materials for reliable performance.


  • Guide Wire port accepts a .038 Guide Wire.
  • Standard Luer-lock fittings for compatibility with inflation/deflation devices.
  • Radiopaque markers located within the balloon aids in the positioning of the balloon under fluoroscopy.
  • Multiple diameters offered.
  • Packaged sterile for single use.
Achalasia Balloon Dilators
Catalog Number Inflated Diameter Balloon Length Sheath Diameter Working Length Qty
3302 30mm 90fr 10cm 5.3mm 100cm
3304 35mm 105fr 10cm 5.3mm 100cm
3306 40mm 120fr 10cm 5.3mm 100cm