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Thank you for your interest in Hobbs Medical’s Product Data Sheets. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of precision accessories for flexible GI and Pulmonary Endoscopy, we are pleased to offer the following Product Data Sheets. Please contact us for any additional information.

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Aspiration Catheters Datasheet (22.87 MB)
Hobbs Medical’s Aspiration Catheters are designed for contaminate free collection of fluids through a flexible endoscope for diagnostic analysis.
Cleaning Brushes Datasheet (23.83 MB)
Hobbs Medical’s double-ended or single-ended cleaning brushes are designed for maximum scope channel cleaning.
Disposable Retriever Datasheet (356.88 KB)
Hobbs Medical’s disposable Retriever offers the endoscopist a unique spring-loaded gripping action that provides firm holding action for the most difficult foreign body retrieval challenges.
Freeman Pancreatic Stents Datasheet (329.76 KB)
Hobbs Medical’s Freeman Pancreatic Flexi-Stent is manufactured from a softer more pliable material that easily follows the contours of a tortuous pancreatic duct.
Microbiology Brushes Datasheet (23.3 MB)
Hobbs Medical’s Microbiology Brush (PSB) is designed to reduce the risk of brush contamination during the advancement and withdrawal of the device through the endoscope channel.
Spray Catheter Datasheet (21.18 MB)
Hobbs Medical’s Spray Catheter is designed to deliver a powerful 360 degree spray mist pattern for use in Chromoendoscopy procedures, as well as for washing and power irrigation.

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