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Straight Pancreatic Stents

The Freeman-Aliperti Straight Pancreatic Stent provides the physician with a Pancreatic Stent for transversing the pancreatic sphincter. The double external flanges along with the distal anchoring flange are designed to prevent stent migration.


  • Smaller diameters to meet your procedural requirements.
  • Designed to bridge the sphincter into the distal duct.
  • External mark ensures proper placement.
  • Softer more pliable material reduces risk of duct trauma while increasing patient comfort.
  • Smaller retention flange minimizes the risk of duct trauma.
  • Compatible with current exchange systems.
  • MRI safe.
  • Packaged sterile for single use.

Documents for Reference:

Freeman-Aliperti Pancreatic Flexi-Stents: Straight
Catalog Number
Recommended Guide Wire Size
63414fr - 2cm.025
63424fr - 3cm.025
63515fr - 2cm.035
63525fr - 3cm.035

Freeman-Aliperti Pancreatic Flexi-Stent Kits: Straight
Catalog Number
Kit Includes
63106341 Stent, 6136 Push Catheter
63116342 Stent, 6136 Push Catheter
63206351 Stent, 6136 Push Catheter
63216352 Stent, 6136 Push Catheter