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Veterinary Products

Many of our standard endoscopic accessories can be tailored to fit your specific veterinary endoscopy needs. Our extra large braided wire loop, about the diameter of a golf ball, maintains maximum grasp on foreign bodies and is compatible with a 2.8mm or larger channel.

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Veterinary Products
Catalog Number
Sheath Diameter
Working Length
Loop Size
V-8031Aspirating Catheter/5 per box1.8mm150cmn/a
V-8041Foreign Body Retriever/5 per box2.3mm220cm5.5cm X 3.5cm
V-8042Foreign Body Retriever/5 per box2.3mm220cm6.0cm X 5.5cm
V-8071Single End Channel Cleaning Brush/10 per box1.7mm355cmn/a