Endoscopy Products

Stone Extraction Balloons

Designed for the extraction of bile duct stones, Hobbs Medical's Stone Extraction Balloons are manufactured from a high strength polyethylene material to ensure optimal balloon performance.


  • Accepts a .035 inch Guide Wire.
  • Balloon material is compatible with ERCP solutions.
  • Range of inflated diameters to meet your procedural needs.
  • Radiopaque marker for easy visibility under fluoroscopy.
  • Standard Luer-lock fitting on injection port.
  • Compatible with standard inflation/deflation systems as well as Hobbs’ unique Inflation-Deflation System.
  • Unique shape prevents balloon from slipping past stone during retraction.
  • Packaged sterile for single use.

Documents for Reference:

Stone Extractor Over-the-Wire (OTW) Balloons