Endoscopy Products

Multi-Purpose Over the Wire (OTW) Balloon Dilators

Designed for use in the Esophagus, Pyloris and Colon to open narrowed areas or strictures.


  • Designed to meet Esophageal, Pyloric and Colonic dilation requirements
  • Compatible with standard inflation/deflation systems as well as Hobbs Medical’s unique Inflation-Deflation System.
  • Provides uniform dilation performance under recommended gradual inflation pressure
  • Comprehensive range of balloon lengths(3cm,4cm and 8cm) and inflated diameters (6mm to 20mm).
  • Accepts a .035in Guide Wire.
  • Radiopaque markers for easy visibility under fluoroscopy to ensure correct position.
  • Packaged sterile for single use.

Documents for Reference:

Flex-Ez Over-the-Wire (OTW) Balloon Dilators
Catalog Number
Inflated Diameter
Balloon Length
Sheath Diameter
Working Length
Working Channel
31528mm 24fr3cm2.3mm240cm2.8mm
315610mm 30fr3cm2.3mm240cm2.8mm
315812mm 36fr3cm2.3mm240cm2.8mm
320614mm 42fr3cm2.3mm240cm3.7mm
3208 16mm 48fr3cm2.3mm240cm3.7mm
3210 18mm 54fr3cm2.3mm240cm3.7mm
3212 20mm 60fr3cm2.3mm240cm3.7mm
3102 6mm 18fr4cm2.3mm240cm2.8mm
3104 8mm 24fr4cm2.3mm240cm2.8mm
3106 10mm 30fr4cm2.3mm240cm2.8mm
3202 16mm 48fr4cm2.3mm240cm3.7mm
3204 20mm 60fr4cm2.3mm240cm3.7mm
3250 8mm 24fr8cm2.3mm240cm3.7mm
3254 10mm 30fr8cm2.3mm240cm3.7mm
3258 12mm 36fr8cm2.3mm240cm3.7mm
3260 14mm 42fr8cm2.3mm240cm3.7mm
3262 16mm 48fr8cm2.3mm240cm3.7mm
3264 18mm 54fr8cm2.3mm240cm3.7mm
3266 20mm 60fr8cm2.3mm240cm3.7mm

Flex-Ez Over-the-Wire (OTW) Balloon Dilator Kit